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Knjižara Karver

Where I'm calling from

"Where I'm calling from" is the three day festival of the short story which was held in Podgorica, during June 2009. This specific literal discipline was promoted through the different media contents, that are going through the renaissance in Montenegro and in region.

Particularly, the attention was paid to contemporary authors of the short stories from the region, who were the guests of the festival, and presented their opus and through the different kinds of communication with the audience the authors.


We consider that the visit one of the most eminent writers of world literary  contributed to popularization of literal and cultural space of Montenegro.


Festival should become annual and each year it will be chosen a country which will present their authors out of South Slavic spoken area. For the first year, 2009, we suggested France.

For the beginning, the competition was organized, in cooperation with The Institute for Foreign Languages that had for the goal improving of the translation, above all, of contemporary Montenegrin literal creation on other languages. The best translation of Montenegrin stories, which was selected from the eminent jury, was offered to foreign publishers that were presented at the Festival.


In the following program a presentation of two publishers from the participant countries and their work was organized , and translation of the short stories in other languages. Within the festival a section was defined that was dedicated to publishers from the region and they focused on their work, advantages and obstacles with which they are facing, and through variety of workshops and lectures, contemporary experience from this area was demonstrated . In the special program's section projection of the contemporary films based upon literal works was organized . Other programs that followed the Festival had as the goal animating of the audience and Festival's guests.


The special program "Rendezvous" was organized in the cooperation with City Theater from Podgorica. This program presented the actors from this theater and they showed the scene adaptation of the stories which were written by the guests-authors of the festival to chosen school audience.


The book was published at the end of the Festival and it had chosen stories of Montenegrin authors, just as festival's guests, and those stories were presented in the language in which they are originally written, and in translation in French. In it, partners from different towns will take a part (Plima - Ulcinj, Library "Radosav Ljumovic" - Podgorica, The Institute for Foreign Languages, French Cultural Centre ...).


Knjižara KARVER

Karver je otvoreni prostor – knjižara – galerija – kafe - internet klub u samom centru Podgorice u blizini hotela Crna Gora i Galerije uduženja likovnih umjetnika, na obali rijeke Ribnice, ispod mosta koji povezuje centar i novi dio grada, nekadašnji Stari aerodrom.

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