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Knjižara Karver

"Where I'm Calling From", Podgorica 2010


I am grateful for joy and shared satisfaction that the little achievements built-in to the Festival “Where I’m calling from”, Podgorica 2010 are bringing. In September last year, Nenad Popovic, for example, had supported the idea to invite Claudio Magris. Finally, this extraordinary erudite, literature professor, chronicler of valleys and the coasts (all these beautiful books: Microcosmi, Stadelmann, In the contrast, were translated by Ljiljana Avirovic for Durieux publishing house) will be in our Cathedral on June 26th. In our phone conversations, I share hopes with Ljiljana that he will receive the Nobel prize.

During the whole autumn, and finally celebrating work and wine with our friends Verica Maras and  Dusan Kankaras, we were planning the open competition Vranac – the best short story  2010.  On June 26th and 27th Enver Kazaz, Teofil Pancic and Bozo Koprivica have chosen thirty stories, out of 1650 stories that have arrived and 1250 that they had read in two months (!!!). They picked out a completely different generation of storytellers. Daily and weekly newspapers published the open competition on February 5th 2010 - Zarez, Dani, Vreme, Vijesti, Pobjeda, Peščanik, and many other web portals in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia creating unique story space. Stories arrived via this web-site from houses, offices, dormers from Sisak, Nis, Zagreb, Tuzla Podgorica, Petrovac, Svilajnac, Gornji Vakuf and Belgrade. The book Out of corridors will be published on June 23rd, on the first day of the Festival. On June 27th, the authors will receive prizes and a handshake with the beautiful lady Tess Gallagher. Her book Dear ghosts, selected poems, was published in December, Bec has translated and represented it wonderfully in Karver bookstore. Our opportunities are magnificent because Tess understands how Chekhov connects us, and Ljubo Djurkovic. Because of this we will present her book in Montenegrin Royal theatre Zetski dom where we made and played special performances. We can’t show enough admiration and inspiration for the translation work of Zoran Paunovic. While we are finishing this Festival program, I am receiving compliments for him from writers and translators from ex-Yu region. Zoran had chosen 11 stories for the book Short stories, Contemporaray Montenegrian Short Stories. It is not an issue that this kind of book was necessary and that I can finally present a book in brilliant translation by Randall A. Major and Terence McEneny including stories by: Sreten Asanovic, Zuvdija Hodzic, Balsa Brkovic, Bosiljka Pusic, Ognjen Spahic, Jovan and Andrej Nikolidis, Lena Ruth Stefanovic, Vladimir Vojnović, Dragan Radulović.

Festival started with Slavoj Zizek’s lecture on April 8th, Enjoy in your own ideology. Andrej Nikolaidis was in correspondence with Srecko Horvat, in an, above all, provocative and attracting dialogue. Because of this Podgorica went to KIC Budo Tomović and exposed willingly to mental gymnastics, so necessary to all the cities in the world. Zizek was under the beam as a real star, provocative and funny. He was searching for, and found, the right measure of speech which, to the ideology predisposed citizens of this town, has shifted focus.

Hunger for a story is huge in this town. Storytelling is more neglected than ever. Real stories have moved from books into a few magazines, culture appendixes.

From June 23rd to 28th, merry and self-esteemed people will be in Karver bookstore, at the Festival, in our town, confident in having the most important and the best stories. We are welcoming them and celebrating recognition of the same civilization described in the stories.


Varja Đukić


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